Introduction Legal-Partner

Leagl-Partner is as specialised niche agency entirely devoted to the search, recruitment and selection of experienced Legal professionals, permanent and interim, throughout The Netherlands, and also with an international scope. 

We focus exclusively on Legal professionals with at least three years relevant working experience and with excellent professional skills and interpersonal skills. Legal-Partner is especially successful in the more difficult search assignments for highly talented and professional lawyers. 

Legal-Partner has been a specialist in this field for more than 15 years. We have more than 2.500  professional lawyers in our files, most of whom have been personally interviewed by us, and we are familiar with their skills and ambitions. 

Legal-Partner mediates positions for experienced Legal professionals, both on a permanent and interim basis. These positions are spread throughout The Netherlands and also regularly with an international scope and/or based abroad. 

Our clients are active in a wide variety of branches. We are used to working for the business from start-ups, SME companies, up to multinationals, the consultancy, the advocacy and notary services. We are also active in the public sector, such as government institutions, the health and education sector.

What distinguishes Legal-Partner 

  • over 15 years experience as Legal specialised niche agency offers you and us the market specialist Legal knowledge, which guarantees success
  • clear-cut working agreements about quality, deadlines and costs; a deal is a deal 
  • specialised knowledge of the market that allows a realistic feasibility analysis prior to the start of the search procedure 
  • emphasis on rendering a high quality and smooth service that results in long-term solutions 
  • proven and successful working methods and a good reputation with the target group ensure that the most suitable candidates available at the time are found 
  • independent stance of motivated, professional and service-oriented consultants who are honest in their dealings with both clients and candidates  
  • each procedures is custom-made: depth of knowledge and clear advise about the ideal search profile, specific company cultures, the perspective in the function as well as individual qualities and competences is essential for success 
  • we offer absolute discretion and confidential advice to individual interested parties, candidates and principals
  • in case of search: our thorough procedure and years of expertise result in the introduction of truly suitable candidates with matching clients within 3 weeks
  • during 1 year after the successful mediation we keep in contact with both candidate and principal
  • in case of interim: we are able to introduce our principal a shortlist with direct available and excellent on the assignment fitting candidates  within 24 hours 
  • more than 95% of our assignments are fulfilled successfully

Our Services

  • Search & selection
  • Interim-Management
  • Career coaching

Search & selection 

Search, recruitment and selection to fulfill permanent vacancies for Legal professionals has been our core business for over 15 years. Our know how of the Legal market, actual insight in the development of the Legal function, as well as our state of the art portfolio of candidates and modern search techniques are very helpful. The experienced consultants are familiar with the sensitivity in this specific market.

Type of functions:

Vacancies we are good at, are:

  • Legal Counsel
  • Attorney associate / partner
  • Labour Lawyer
  • Contract Lawyer / manager
  • Lawyer Public Law (objections and appeals, procurement, tender, supervision)
  • Head / Director Legal
  • General Manager Law Firm
  • Corporate Secretary
  • Paralegal
  • Specialist Tax, Regulatory and Compliance


We have a success rate of nearly 100%, because we as Legal specialised niche agency combine the following search instruments:

File search: thorough search of our Legal-files (over 2.500 Legal professionals, of whom we already have interviewed a lot) 

Network search: keeping up and approaching the network of Legal-Partner

Executive search: exclusive search of relevant (inter-)national companies and organizations for interesting candidates

Social media: using smart internet search, LinkedIn etc.

Media search: vacancy posted on the website of Legal-Partner and potentially other relevant job sites and/or media

Continuous search: continuously the consultants of Legal-Partner are in contact with the market and in contact with (often latent) orientating Legal professionals

The vacancy overview gives an indication of the positions for which we are searching and selecting candidates. Ideally, you should recognise yourself in the profile of one of the vacancies, but you may want to ask us a few questions first. Whatever the case may be, you are welcome to approach the consultant who is dealing with the particular vacancy. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us, or send us an email with your query. Because of the confidentiality it is not always possible to mention the vacancy and/or our principal at our vacancy overview and/or in the media.

For each vacancy the Legal-Partner consultant will select the most suitable candidates on the basis of their CVs and additional information and invite them for an interview at our office. During the interview the candidate will receive more information about the position and the client. The consultant, in turn, has the opportunity to form an opinion of the candidate and assess him for the position. Should both the candidate and the Legal-Partner consultant think it is fruitful to continue the procedure, the candidature is then to be discussed with the client.

The completion time to build and perform a high-quality shortlist with excellent suitable candidates takes normally about 3-4 weeks.

The candidates the client is interested in will be invited for an interview and an appointment will be made with the relevant parties. The consultant serves as adviser to both the client and candidate at all times and this assistance continues right up to the conclusion of the assignment. Screening of the candidates will consist of reference, diploma check and if wanted a custom made assessment. The independent and objective stance of the Legal-Partner consultant comes into its full right during the final discussions between the candidate and the client. 

Quality check: during a year after the successful mediation we keep in contact with both candidate and principal to be informed about development of the candidate in the function and within the company or organization.


Legal-Partner offers in addition to the fulfilling of permanent Legal-functions also Legal Interim-solutions for her clients. Normally it concerns:

- tactical/strategic functions

- project assignments

- replacement of  Legal professionals, for several reasons (such as sabbatical, sickness, pregnancy leave)

- some of the interim-assignments does have an international character  

Depending on the requirements of the client and the availability of the interim manager, the input varies from 3 to 5 days a week, for a period of 3 to 18 months.

Legal-Partner works only with independent Interim-Managers (ZZP) who work from their own company (one-man business or private limited company) with a valid VAR-statement (WUO) from the Chamber of Commerce. They have a proven track record as professional Interim Legal Manager, Adviser, Specialist, Lawyer or Attorney. 

As in the case of the search for permanent positions, the quality of the procedure and the quality of the best suitable candidate are of the highest priority. It is furthermore of crucial importance with interim positions that candidates are available at short notice and immediately able to act at the right level. 


Over the years, Legal-Partner has built up a compact and carefully selected Interim-Pool of experienced Interim Lawyers. These candidates are experienced and specialised in executing interim assignments. They have all been interviewed by us and have proven skills and an excellent track record. 

Legal-Partner first assesses the heart of the client's problem. An analysis of the situation is made immediately and recorded in a concise report that is used in the screening of our registered Interim- Managers. The report is then confidentially sent to or anonymously discussed with the selected Interim- Managers to see whether they are interested in the assignment. 

The CV and details concerning those candidates interested are then presented to the client. If the client shows interest, an interview between the parties concerned is planned as soon as possible and/or necessary . Most of the search, recruitment and selection procedures for Interim-Solutions are completed within a week. If necessary we are capable to introduce a high-qualified shortlist with relevant, excellent suitable and directly available Interim Legal candidates within 24 hours.

The Interim-Manager starts by making a written description of his or her assignment, while fulfilling his or her duties. The first evaluation, preferable attended by the Legal-Partner consultant, takes normally place two weeks after commencement. 

The Legal-Partner consultant assists both the interim manager and the client for the duration of the interim period. The consultant keeps an eye on both the progress of the interim task as well as the relationship between the interim manager and the client. At the end of the interim period, the consultant evaluates the content and the quality of the interim assignment with both the interim manager and the client.

Career coaching

Legal-Partner offers candidates the possibility to discuss their career path on neutral basis with one of our consultants. Through the many years of experience as adviser in the Legal & HRM field we have an excellent view on the different possibilities of Legal professionals in the labour market, concerning their status quo, competences, career perspective, wishes and future to take career steps, in what type of organizations and culture, in which role, more managerial or just more content driven and which type of education, course or training can best facilitate this.

If turns out a coaching program is desired and useful we will gladly guide you with the deployment of one of our professional career coaches. In consultation with you a tailor-made coaching project will be set up, which mostly consists of several counselling sessions during several hours spread over a number of weeks.

This enables you to make a correct estimate where you are now (self image/real image), what your motivations, competences, possibilities and wishes are and how you can best realize this. The career coach offers you the mirror, a clear sharp analyses and reflection, a neutral advise and the professional guidance, so you can make the right choices and next steps again with full momentum and spirit.

We wish you a lot of success with your career!


Amongst our clients we may count:

BP, Lloyd’s Register, Siemens, DSM, KPN, Honeywell, Taqa Energy, Applied Materials, Canon/Océ, Reed Elsevier, ING Bank, Robeco, Mars, Naco, TNO, NWO, Inquest, Cleber Advocaten, Ploum Lodder Princen, Kneppelhout & Korthals Advocaten, DVDW Advocaten, Kortman Advocaten, Koninklijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie (KNB), ICTU, Woonzorg Haaglanden.

We are happy to provide references on request.

Open applications

If there is not be a suitable vacancy featured on our site right now, but you are nevertheless interested in moving to another organization, we invite you to contact us. We will be able to establish whether an introductory meeting might be meaningful. There are no costs attached to such a meeting for candidates. 

In the course of an introductory meeting we will be able to mutually establish what elements are important to you in a new position. This involves your specialised knowledge of the field, the type of organization you would like to work for, and more practical issues such as location, full-time or part-time availability etcetera. This makes it easier for us to determine exactly what position we should approach you for as soon as a suitable proposition arises in the future.